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So, from a Christian perspective, to love Mohammad more than yourself is idolizing him, and in essence, making him equal to Allah in significance.Consider the following responses by Maqsood Jafri and Abdur Rahman Squires.

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Its so typical of Osama bin laden, I mean Osama to raise something unrelated and try to divert the discussion.

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In what sick universe could you abandon reason and morality and embrace this satanic person.Muslims have killed more Muslims than anyone else in the world.Different denominations are a testimony that the truth of the gospel is transcendent and not changed by cultural or external forces.Hey Family in Christ I finally uploaded my youtube vid on this article. Enjoy.We know that Sayyidah Aisha (RA) was considered the most learned among the all the Companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Professional quality Preteen Girls images and pictures at very. love, charity, holidays.Dear Saif, Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent reply.

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Arrested for Being Christian Preachers in Dearborn, 2010 Dearborn Police: Defending Islam against the Constitution Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque.

A 12 year old boy was found guilty of raping an 8 year old boy.To love a mere mortal more than ourselves is a form of idolatry.And as I always say, there is no bad religion but, unfortunately, there are always bad applicants of the religion.

If Muhammad was immoral, then it becomes difficult to take his teachings seriously.Bahamas Family Vacations with Preteens at Atlantis, Paradise Island.Thank you for clarifying your thoughts regarding how scholars are viewed within Islam.

It is with this strange man that she has to develop an intimate emotional and physical relationship.But if his vision of the perfect man is at odds with what Muhammad did on numerous occasions, he will need to look elsewhere for an ideal human being.As you can read on our FAQ, this is out of love, not out of hatred.A worrying new study reveals that relationships among boys and girls as young as 11 are subject to sexual innuendo.Can you please answer me this: How are we supposed to love our DEAD enemy.

When they become pregnant, their bodies divert nutritional resources to the developing fetus, depriving the growing girls of much-needed vitamins and minerals.Most Christians are NOT Biblically fundamentalis i.e. the Bible is not tahen to be literal truth nor was it dictateds by god.

Thus, even if we grant a young age for Mary, there would still be a world of difference between her and Aisha.But the practice of marrying children continues to this day in many Muslim countries, largely because Muslims hold up Muhammad as their highest role model.Every social grouping in the world has specific traditional cultural practices and beliefs, some of which are beneficial to all members, while others are harmful to a specific group, such as women.How they express their faith is purely external, what unites us is our internal relationship with the same Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.Child girl in yellow swimwear and sunglasses chilling on lilo under.A 62-year-old woman hotelier, who has built a business empire in Pattaya, is now trying to clean up the town. Sopin.From: Gabrielle Hemphill Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 - 14:29:11 EST Next message: Andrew C. Morrow.

You and I are monotheists who believe that there is a right way, and a wrong way.Sahih al-Bukhari, Muhammad Muhsin Khan, tr. (Riyadh: Darussalam Publishers, 1997).

Being one degree off north is enough to ensure that a person is thousands of kilometers from their destination.Conservative Muslims may argue that the legal imperatives disallow these things, while the fundamentalists Muslim just as convincingly argues that the legal imperatives makes it their right.

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