This paper proposes the design of a novel beam reconfigurable antenna operating at 500GHz.In this contribution we present two practical implementation cases of single patch antennas at 28GHz and 60GHz.Advances in Planar Ultra-wideband Modular Antenna (PUMA) array architecture which have culminated into a 6:1 bandwidth design without the use of an external backplane matching network are presented.Then, two stepped-width dipoles with dissimilar dimensions are individually designed and orthogonally oriented in a crossed format, thus produ.

Optically controlled reconfigurable antenna for 5G future

We present engineering parameters for implementation of the mmWave channel sounder to use swept time delay cross-correlation(STDCC) technique and show the measurement results of system response obtained from performance evaluation test. The dyn.

Over this basic element of an array antenna we discuss the influence of three different categories of design issues.The proposed antenna consists of two reconfigurable printed monopole antennas and a coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed wideband sensing antenna located between the two antennas.

Since the series fed microstrip patch array antenna has low feeding loss, it is especially effective for the millimeter wave application.Mastaneh Mokayef. 1. Faculty of Engineering,Technology and Built Environment.The antenna element matches well in the frequency range of 1.7-2.7 GHz and.We present a low-profile, high-gain continuous transverse stub (CTS) array with wide-scanning capabilities.Also, spherical sector coverage over beamforming sector sweeps is reduced, so that the mobile radio b.A novel single-layer wideband cavity-backed E-shaped microstrip patch antenna is proposed.Design of dual-frequency substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity backed slot array antenna.

Optically controlled reconfigurable antenna for 5G future broadband cellular communication networks.Dual band horn with TE11 coaxial waveguide mode was designed for the feed of the focused reflector antenna.This paper is presented the application of flexible and transparent antenna.The transition is used for feeding and measurement of a bandpass filter.A design and its respective full-wave simulations will then be presented.In this paper, a design of planar, compact dual frequency slot array antenna is implemented using substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity backed slot antenna as array element.The utilization of the metamaterial is expected to enhance the magnetic field intensity of the surface coils and improve the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of the MRI system.

Two parasitic elements are proposed for enhancing isolation between two closely spaced 5.8-GHz patch antennas.The proposed design utilizes multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) technology.On Jul 1, 2015 David Alvarez Outerelo (and others) published: Microstrip antenna for 5G broadband communications: Overview of design issues.The transition is simulated by the full-wave solver over the frequency band 29-30 GHz. It sh.Firstly, the input impedance of a single stepped-width dipole is studied under different length and width ratios of two distinctive dipole sections.The coaxial waveguide was adopted to simultaneously operate higher frequency and lower frequency, and to reduce the size.Through varying the diameter of holes, an azimuthal variation of the permittivity is obtained and the corresponding azimuthal phase delay creates a vortex, thus an OAM wave is generated.The conventional horn antenna is integrated with a single-layer perforated planar dielectric lens by covering its aperture.Recently, a novel class of circular polarization selective surface (CPSS) has been proposed, composed of two planar metallodielectric arrays of split ring resonators (SRR).

The polarization of the transmitted wave can be reconfigured to linear polarization or circular polarization by rotati.A novel smart antenna based on metamaterial consisting of cut-wire metal rods which are formed a circle is presented.A simple and straight-forward PUMA array design is presented.


A multilayer SIW-CPW transition junction for efficient MM-wave phased array applications.A horn lens antenna designed for the generation of OAM-carrying radio waves is presented.A design for an electronically-steerable holographic antenna with polarization control.The MFSS consists of three-layer square patches with truncated corners and two-layer grid lines.Study of coupled split-ring resonator arrays for circular polarization selective surface.

The antenna can operate in both directional and omnidirectional modes by choosing different the feed source automatically and adjusting the amplitude and phase of the feed source.Coupling feed is adopted to avoid the direct connection between the feed cables and the dipoles.Two identical mmW LTCC microstrip antenna arrays were. notably machine-to-machine communications to support. than current networks for 5G technology to be...A new polarization diversity converter (PDC) is presented in this paper based on a multilayer frequency selective surface (MFSS).In this paper, a compact design of the ultra-wideband (UWB) highly directive double slot Vivaldi antenna (DSVA) is presented for microwave application in the frequency range of 2-10 GHz.This antenna operates in X-band with right handed circularly polarized radiation.

In this article, a four-element dual-band printed slot antenna array for the future fifth generation (5G) mobile networks is proposed.Directivity enhancement of double slot Vivaldi antenna using anisotropic zero-index metamaterials.

Four-element dual-band printed slot antenna array for the future 5G mobile communication networks.WISM is an airborne instrument comprised of a dual-frequency (X- and Ku-band) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) a.Design of a novel graphene terahertz antenna at 500GHz with reconfigurable radiation pattern.X-band parallel-plate slot array antenna for SAR sensor onboard 100 kg small satellite.Compact dual band notched printed UWB MIMO antenna with pattern diversity.Three groups of graphene patches play a key role for achieving directivity such as for the Yagi-Uda antenna.This paper presents a broadband, dual-polarized base station antenna element by reasonably designing two orthogonal symmetrical dipole, four loading cylinders, balun, feed patches, specific shape reflector and plastic fasteners.

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